Monday typography quotes 50

We are very proud to present you the 50th post of monday quotes. Here are some very interesting quotations from around the world featuring lettering styles, calligraphy artworks and selfmade type. Enjoy it!

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by 真琴@ついった / translated by murahimu

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by 霧縞 / translated by murahimu

badass!levi who is still badass even while carrying around a baby!eren \o/

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Today on my flight from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi, UAE a man came on board with four falcons as his carryon luggage. Ends up they got their own seats (three to be exact). #GulfLife #ThisCan’tBeReal

haha this is amazing!

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ANNNND it’s finished ! Thanks to everyone who kept reblogging and leaving me messages to motivate me :D ! I’ll answer all the asks I’ve received in the past week tonight, so prepare yourselves for the megapost !

I hope you like it, ssoojj !



Alright people ! It was a lot of work but I finished all 10 cards for my valentine 2014 project !

Here is a little reminder of what happened this week : I proposed to you lovely followers to draw some fandom valentine cards, that you could buy for $5 each ! So here’s what you get when you spend $5 on a card :

  1. I send you the pdf file (they’re stationery cards, 5”x7” big, 300 dpi)
  2. You’re free to print it and give it to your loved ones !
  3. If you don’t have a valentine, let me know and I’ll add a little note to the card so you’ll be my valentine for this year !

Now here are the rules :

If you want one, or several cards, you need to send an email to galaxyspeaking@gmail.com with the title ‘valentines 2014’.

In that email, just tell me which cards you want. I’ll then get back to you and send you my paypal infos and once you’ve made the payment (5$ + paypal fees), I’ll send you the pdf !

These are not prints ! You have to print them yourself, that’s why they’re cheap ! Also, things you might want to know :

  • If you buy all 10, you get a $10 discount.
  • If you buy 5, you get a $5 discount.
  • You’re free to print them, but do not share of sell the file. If you do that, this will be the last time I’ll ever do something like this. I’m trusting all of you ! These cards took me a lot of time to do, and you see how much I usually charge for commissions… those cards are worth $70. I worked my ass off to get them all out in 5 days ! So please respect me and my art and do NOT share the pdf or make money with it.
  • for people disappointed their ship wasn’t picked, if this thing works out, I’ll do more cards next year ! (Looking at you, 00Q & LoVe shippers !)

That’s pretty much all, I hope you’ll like them, sorry for the preview size ! Please share this, so I didn’t draw these goddamn cards in vain ;.; ! And happy valentine’s day ! I love you all !!

Last reblog of the week ! I wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you, because I truly didn’t expect this thing to work so well, and I hope that you’re all pleased with your cards ! Again, thank you so much for being super supportive, whether you shared this post or bought a card or just sent me a nice message telling me you liked them, I’m just so grateful ! Happy Valentine’s day, lovely followers <3

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So uh 

I really like nitorin and makorin